One client’s experience of therapy for alcoholism. Everyone’s journey into and out of active addiction is different. Below is a short account of one client’s journey.

I started seeing Andrew in February 2015 for specialist therapy for alcoholism.

At first I was very reluctant to face my problems and struggled with denial of all of those problems, including alcohol, the issues driving me to drink excessively, and the problems caused by my drinking.

Within 4 months of regular (at least twice monthly) sessions, Andrew has helped me to develop my thoughts and feelings to such a point that not only do I accept my alcoholism but I have stopped drinking and feel no need or desire to drink. I attend and am active in at least 2 AA meetings every week and have embraced the culture of the fellowship of AA and its literature. I have even admitted my problems to my family and friends and have gained their support and encouragement also.

Andrew is not a miracle worker – you must want help before he can give it to you. It’s an enormous challenge to confront the worst of yourself and it takes courage and determination. But through his frank advice, support and encouragement I now feel, look and behave better physically and mentally than I have in 6 years, without fear or anxiety. I am back in control of my life and for that, I am truly grateful, and so are my family and friends.


(Reproduced with the permission of the client. Name withheld for the purposes of confidentiality.)