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Andrew Harvey’s professional private practice is located a short walk from Nottingham city centre, close to tram and bus stops, with plenty of local and onsite free parking.

Addictions Counselling Nottingham offers private counselling and therapy face-to-face in Nottingham and via online therapy worldwide. We also offer addiction group therapy

You may or may not believe, or even know, if what you are struggling with is an addiction, a problem or a habit.  Therefore the first thing you might want to do is explore the true nature of the issue. The information here may help. 

You may consider yourself addicted, or you may consider yourself in a place where your behaviour or substance use is causing you and/or others concern but you don’t consider it addiction.  Either way, maybe now is the time make a positive move towards change.

Addictions Counselling Nottingham offers counselling and therapy to anyone who is affected by addiction or addictive behaviours.

Available in person or Online Andrew Harvey .. Addictions Counselling Nottingham

Based in Nottingham, the service is part of Counselling Services Nottingham, run by Andrew Harvey, a qualified therapist and counsellor. 

Andrew’s experience in the addictions field is extensive, including working for Priory Group, a leading supplier of addictions therapy services. Andrew has therapy rooms in two different locations in Nottingham or can arrange home visits on occasion.

Andrew also offers telephone therapy and online counselling via SKYPE to clients who are further afield.  A good way forward might be to make contact on 07802 767462 or email me by clicking here 

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My Fee is £60. This can be paid in cash, credit / debit card or bank transfer after each session. Some additional charges may apply when working with employee assistance programmes and / or insurance-funded counselling.


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In some cases, yes.  You need to check with your health insurance provider. Sometimes they limit the number of sessions they will fund and apply other conditions.

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