Local and accessible Aftercare Therapy

Aftercare therapy refers to ongoing and supportive therapy that takes place after an initial intervention, for example, a stay in rehab or intensive day-care programme. The primary aim of aftercare therapy is to continue and strengthen recovery from addictions and addictive behaviours that has been initiated through undergoing a rehabilitation programme in the recent past.

Substantial clinical experience, the experience of many of those in long-term recovery and clinical research all strongly indicate that engaging in aftercare therapy is beneficial for ongoing successful recovery from addictive behaviours and substance abuse.

For a number of years, here at AddictionsCounselling.net we have been offering face-to-face and group therapy counselling and therapy for clients recently amicably discharged from their inpatient stay within the healthcare services, including rehabilitation.

For some, re-entering the wider community and the stressors of daily life after experiencing rehab can be a time where receiving extra support can be extremely beneficial and strengthening. As for myself, having worked as an addictions therapist in residential rehabilitation settings (Priory Hospital, Birmingham and Priory Clinic Nottingham), I am able to work with you to continue your recovery journey, explore and build on recovery strengths and support you to avoid relapse.

Throughout my career, I have worked with clients who have left rehab with varying plans, aims and concerns about their future, and found support in my services. Some clients find that they are able to identify clear topics and concepts that they want to explore in therapy and counselling, others prefer to meet with me to periodically audit their recovery in a safe and confidential setting. Often clients feel concerned of the vulnerability to relapse and have found that counselling and therapy can help strengthen confidence in their recovery and resilience. Some clients arrive with issues to work on that have been identified during their initial stage of treatment, giving a direction to the work which is often extremely helpful.

To discuss how we could work together please do make contact, we can have a no obligation conversation. We pride ourselves in our ability to work collaboratively with clients to create a plan to move forward that best suits their needs and aspirations. We work with clients both face-to-face in our Nottingham based practice, and online via Skype nationally and internationally. Please do make contact to see how we can help you to sustain or regain recovery.

aftercare therapy

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