Online addiction therapy can be a good option for some clients. Accessing counselling online offers flexibility, accessibility, and convenience. You will be able to access your session wherever you are.
If you are travelling for work or at home being able to consistently access addictions counselling can help you achieve and maintain recovery.
I offer a number of platforms to offer online counselling including Zoom and SKYPE.
Online addiction counselling

I have been working online with clients for over 6 years, offering addictions counselling in this way has enabled me to support clients making positive changes whilst they have been able to maintain their busy lives. I provide online addiction counselling to both UK based and overseas client.

Online addiction counselling offers confidentiality, convenience, assessability and makes moving forward into recovery straightforward and achievable whilst maintaining other commitments and day to day life activities.

Get in touch for a no obligation, free initial brief online consultation. This is an opportunity to ask any questions you may have and see if I can be of assistance.

Want to know more about how to get the best from online therapy?

Andrew Harvey, online addictions counsellor has written several helpful articles including tips for accessing online counselling and therapy. He has also been interviewed by the BBC on the topic.

A few advantages to online addictions therapy and counselling

Increased convenience access therapy direct from your PC, Laptop or Tablet

Fit recovery in with your life

Accessible from wherever you are, work, home or on the road

Accessible worldwide

No commute

An excellent way to continue recovery after rehab or other addictions recovery support 

Easy to use

Confidential utilising a secure online platform

Is online counselling suitable for you? Find out more

To discuss accessing online therapy and ask any questions you may have I am pleased to offer a free initial consultation, either online or on the phone, please do make contact.

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