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Questions About Addictions Counselling

For one  therapy session the fee is £60, this can be paid in cash, credit / debit card / bank transfer after each session. Some additional charges may apply when working with employee assistance programmes and / or insurance funded counselling.

In some cases, yes. You need to check with your health insurance provider, sometimes they limit the number of sessions they will fund and apply other conditions.

This is a difficult question to answer, it very much depends on what you are wanting to get from therapy and how long that might take.  You can bring therapy to an end anytime you feel you want to.

This depends upon your circumstances and what you are seeking to achieve in therapy. Most clients attend weekly initially.

Counselling sessions are 50 Minutes.

Yes, Addiction Counselling Services Nottingham offers online counselling worldwide.

Counselling helps people with many different difficulties they may be experiencing, the list is extensive, and it is worth talking to the therapist about your specific issues or struggles to see if therapy might be of assistance.

Depending on whom you ask you may get different answers to this question. These terms are often interchanged and are referring to the same process.

Yes, however some very rare limitations apply. Confidentiality may need to be broken if you or anyone else might be in danger. Other exceptions to total confidentiality include disclosures of drug dealing, acts of terrorism and money laundering. Any concerns you have about confidentiality should be discussed with the counsellor at the first session. Essentially the process is confidential.

No, you can access therapy and counselling without a GP or any other referral.

I work from professional counselling rooms in a convenient location 20 minutes from Nottingham city centre. Some limited parking is available and nearby free on street is available. Public transport to my consultancy rooms is plentiful.

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