This client has given us permission to publish their experience of drug addiction therapy for Cannabises Addiction

This male in his mid-20’s attended 10 sessions of drug addiction therapy at our Nottingham Practice over 18 weeks. During his therapy, he sought and achieved abstinence from addictive Cannabises use. The therapeutic work included looking at issues and difficulties that maintained his low mood and as a result he experienced an improvement in his well-being and his low mood improved.

From the get go I felt like Andrew wanted to help. On our first meeting, he noticed things through my body language and emotions that I presented and this told me he genuinely cares about helping people. As the sessions went on, we delved into the why. What are the core reasons for my beliefs about myself and my drug use? He managed to help me change how I view and value myself by addressing those issues. Andrew has helped me to become who I am today and I can’t thank him enough. He sees through the bullshit and helped me to understand addiction as well as to begin to overcome it. I highly recommend Andrew to anyone who is struggling. It takes a big leap of faith to ask for help and i’m so thankful that Andrew was the one to help me.

Drug Addiction


A clients experience of therapy for Drug Addiction
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