Here are a number of Online Addiction Recovery Resources

  – in no particular order:

  • In The Rooms Website
    • Ken Pomerance and Ron Tannebaum started “In The Rooms” with a simple goal in mind: to give recovering addicts a place to meet and socialize when they’re not in face-to-face meetings.
    • “In The Rooms” is described as “Your recovery space when you can’t meet face-to-face”. All you need to get started with this online resource is to create a free account, ideally using a laptop or desktop computer. The site offers online meetings for several 12-Step Fellowships and other recovery options. It also has lots of interesting useful resources, blogs, articles and links to other recovery resources.
    • This 2 minute video will show you how to attend an online meeting.  

  • Sober Recovery Website
    • Online forum with a community of over 168,000 recovering alcoholics, recovering addicts, recovering co-dependents and their friends, family and loved ones. The site also features information and other recovery resources.

  • SMART Recovery website
    • Active online community, forum, recovery tools and support. A different approach to 12-step philosophies, which for some is a welcome additional or alternative resource.

remote addictions counselling

  • Your Phone

    • Stay connected with people in your support network.  It might be the call / text that they needed.  For many in recovery, picking up the phone is one of the most important defences against their addiction and an important tool in staying in and enjoying healthy recovery.


  • Messaging Apps

phone and support on the net

  • WhatsApp and other messaging applications are a good way to bring people together.  Set up or join a group.

Peer support


  • Online video applications

    • Set up an online get-together with recovery friends / peers. There are a number of free online video meeting applications. Zoom is particularly good and offers a free option. Skype is also a great way to do video chat.
      Online Zoom CounsellingOnline Skype Therapy

  • Social Media and Forums

    • Facebook and other free social networking sites and applications (for example, Twitter / Instagram) have a number of recovery-focused groups and forums you can join and individuals you can follow. Sign up and search terms like #recovery #addiction. Join in and connect.


    • Social media addiction Information twitter addiction support

addictions forums

  • Your Brain on porn
    • This is a BIG online addiction support site. Specifically set up for people wanting to achieve or maintain recovery from pornography addiction and/or compulsivity. Excellent site with lots of links to research, forums, and recovery tools.

sex and porn compulsivity support


  • Other ideas

Check out other recovery websites, podcasts, Ted Talks and YouTube – there is so much good quality recovery material online nowadays.  Find what works for you, embrace what is available and stay connected with others.


  • Privacy and confidentiality

Keep in mind when using chat / internet and other technology-based recovery tools that they can “public” in some ways and what you share online can be seen by others. Also remember that some devices keep a record of where you have visited and what you have done – so, for example, your internet history might be able to be viewed by others using the same device.