Private addiction therapy funding – choosing to self-fund your therapy

People chose to access private addiction therapy and self-fund their counselling, psychotherapy and therapy for numerous reasons.

You may discover that your local NHS provider does not offer the type of therapy that you need, have long waiting lists or that you need more flexibility in terms of times and access to a service. Sometimes a private service might offer a more tailored approach to your therapy.

Some people chose to access NHS and additional private services whilst working with AddictionsCousnelling.Net , this can be helpful for some, and can be discussed as an option.

Here at we seek to offer quick access, to quality, confidential and convenient self-funded counselling, psychotherapy and therapy.

Accessing our services using private medical insurance

Andrew Harvey, counsellor,  is a registered and approved provider for the following  private medical insurers, Vitality, Aviva and AXA PPP. 

You may be entitled to claim for your counselling, psychotherapy or therapy using your insurance. It should be noted , not all polices cover all types of counselling or issues. Fees for insurance covered therapy differs depending upon the insurance provider, please contact us for more details.

To move forward, contact your insurance provider and establish if you are covered, how much per session they will cover and for how many sessions or call us for more details and information.

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Funding private addiction therapy
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