Is online addiction therapy a good option for you?

For some clients online counselling and therapy can be a better option than face to face counselling, rehab or other recovery options. Some clients use a combination of online and face to face addiction counselling and some start working online and find that moving to face to face counselling is a good fit.

online counsellingAndrew Harvey Online Counsellor

Some of the advantages to working online include;

  • Flexibility, being able access consistent frequent support wherever you are
  • Less disruption to day-to-day life, maintaining commitments to family and/or work
  • Sometimes it can better value for money
  • The opportunity to engage and establish additional recovery resources at the same time as doing therapy
  • Offers access to counselling and therapy for anyone that might find it difficult attending a specific location

However online and remote support is not always the best option.

For some clients more intense support is required, for example residential rehab with recovery intensive sessions, group therapy or day rehab, and a break from the usual day to day commitments is part of what is needed to establish sustainable recovery.

How do you decide if online addiction therapy is for you ? Seek advice, seek impartial honest advice, the best source is others who have recovered and/or are able to offer informed, impartial and honest advice.  Don’t allow your resistance or fear stop you moving forward in recovery, but at the same time be informed about the options available to you, not all options suite all people.

One last consideration is that to achieve sustainable recovery it is important to put aside what one would be most comfortable doing and then do what is needed. This is not about wants, it is about needs.

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Is online addiction therapy a good option for you?
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